Company Description

Ugly Brothers LLC is a family-owned company , Initially offering maintenance repairs on heavy duty vehicles, trucks and trailers We now specialize in CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG ( Liquid Natural Gas). We have over 15 years of experience and knowledge within the industry. We simply found our niche by making our customer’s unique needs and/or obligations our focal point. In doing so, the services we offer are nearly endless.

Our Mission

To be of service to companies that do not have the time, internal resources, or manpower to ensure their fleets are compliant, safe and or reliable. No matter the scope of work, here at Ugly Brothers LLC we believe that if a job’s worth doing - it’s worth doing well. Which is why we make it a priority to only carry out our duties with experienced and appropriately trained and certified personnel to ensure only prompt and quality work is performed. We pride ourselves in the ability to develop and personalize innovative programs to fit each fleet’s needs and are dedicated to expeditiously completing low and high volume projects to ensure that every vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible!

Principal Qualities of Ugly Brothers LLC.

Ugly Brothers LLC is committed to providing our customers with excellent service and exceeding their expectations. We take careful consideration of our customers’ needs and strive to alleviate any foreseen stresses to ensure every transaction is as smooth as possible. At Ugly Brothers LLC our employees are our most valuable asset. We recognize that their skills and dedication is critical to our success, in turn their satisfaction is linked with our customer’s satisfaction. Ugly Brothers LLC strives to make a difference in our community through our recruitment process, which urges all local U.S. Military Veterans or ambitious and dependable individuals to apply. We believe in investing into our personnel through proper training and certifications to offer competitive compensation and ensure quality services.

Warranty Center

We are a warranty center for Agility Fuel Solutions and Chart Industries